Read these makeup artist books to take your skills to a new level

Every makeup artist should continually educate  himself/herself. We never get to a point where we simply know everything. There is always so much to learn, even refreshing yourself on basic techniques. Of course there are so many new and innovative products and techniques that we should also be familiar with…

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11 Makeup Artist Tool Belts to keep your brushes organized

  As a makeup artist, one of the things I sometimes  with is finding the best tool belt to use, especially when working on location. We all have set bags and those are great, but many of us prefer to have out brushes at our finger tips and keep other…

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Cyber Monday Gifts for Makeup Artists

Cyber Monday a great day to shop. For makeup artists, it’s the perfect time to stock up on supplies and  invest in great items that will help you get organized, become more skilled, increase your productivity and buy just because you love it. Here are some choices I found on…

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