Coffee mugs unused? Not anymore

Give those unused coffee mugs purpose

If you tend to collect coffee mugs every where you go, at some point you end up with more than you can use and they tend to do nothing but take up space. That happened to me, so I decided to re-purpose my unused mugs and came up with great new reasons to dust them off and use again.

I’ve put together this list of uses for coffee mugs and hope you will be inspired.

  1. a holder for your makeup brushes
  2. a holder for your eyeliner or lip pencils
  3. make mug cakes
  4. use to enjoy a cup of soup
  5. make the candle holders
  6. fill them with: chocolate, teabags, or lipgloss pots and wrap to give as gift to a friend
  7. turn them into planters
  8. make it a pencil holder and place on your desk
  9. a holder for hair ties
  10. make circle templates
  11. bathroom organizer (toothbrush or razor holder)
  12. stuff a tee shirt in it, wrap and give as a gift
  13. a coin saver
  14. a business card holder and dispenser
  15. a cookie cutter

What suggestions can you offer? Leave it in the comments below.


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